The Thinking Studio Purpose is:

The organisation provides customer focused engineered and human development solutions to our customers via two business units.

Engineering: We offer customer centric industrial Operations Technology (OT) and Electrical Solutions, Consultancy, Project Management, and Design services.

Human Development: We provide and develop individuals, teams and organisations with tools that harness the human thinking preferences, to achieve the individuals, team or organisations common goal.

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“ Each year I have a quote (or two) that I live by. This year it is…'Your dreams are your dreams until you write them down. Then they become your goals. If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things. Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions prefect!" Albert Einstein & Alan Cohen

 The results coaching that I received from Mari helped me to finally put into action all my good intentions of changing things in my life that I was not happy with. Procrastination has often robbed me of the results that I would like to see in my life and I can truly say that Mari helped to clear my thoughts and address my fears of change. 

She helped me to construct a manageable action plan that makes me accountable for the outcomes. Her skill at getting me to that ‘Aaahaa’ moment that changed everything for me was genius – and all of this done long distance over a phone!

 Thank you for the amazing, talented, caring person that you are and for the difference you have made in my life! “

"I would just like to tell you that the HBDI assessment and feedback I did with you was the most useful thing that I have ever done for my career development. It really helped me to narrow down where I have to go from here.

Keep up your awesome work!! "

"Mari, I think you make such a great facilitator and you bring so much calmness and empathy into the room.  It was an honour to be there today."

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